Friday, 10 March 2017

Messy? Tidy? Blame Your Horoscope!

Are you a bit messy? Or do you like things perfectly tidy and organised?

Apparently you can blame your star sign for this, as the clever people at Furniture At Work say that your organisation skills are all down to your horoscope... 

I'm an Aquarius and it's definitely true that I think about fun first and mess later. I can be pretty messy but I do like everywhere to be clean. A little clutter never hurt anyone! ;) I'm not so sure my desk is messy on Monday but picks up around Wednesday, I'll be honest it's most likely to still be messy by the end of the week!! haha. But I most definitely belong in the 'Signs of Mayhem' section! 

I work from home and a lot of work is done on my dining table. I'll be honest, my kids often have to eat their dinner next to a pile of laundry, a laptop and half a dozen parcels! And while I do my best to keep my dressing table tidy, it's usually sprawled with makeup, brushes and cotton pads.

Yes, I think they've got it right here! I'm a messy Aquarian. But it's not my fault of course... my horoscope made me do it!

How about you? Is it true for you?



  1. I work on my dining table and I always have it clutterd as well! Glad I am not the only one

  2. Haha this is so true for me. I'm a Taurus and love a good organise lol x

    1. Ah really? I know a few Taurus' that are very, very messy!! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
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