The Parent Agency by David Baddiel | Review

The Parent Agency
by David Baddiel

Bradley and I love reading. It’s super important to me to spend time with him and read. I’m pretty busy during the day with Taylor, so I make a conscious effort to read with Bradley at the end of each day before bed, and it’s OUR time. I work from home every evening when Taylor has gone to bed, so I take a break at 9pm and we read for 15 minutes before he goes to sleep.

Reading is such an important skill, in my opinion, so it’s also so important to keep building on this skill with Bradley. He’s a great reader though, and loves it, which is great. I do wonder how long this will last for before he gets to an age where he no longer wants to read together before bed!

So, we were sent The Parent Agency to read, the fourth novel, yet first childrens novel, by TV comedian David Baddiel.

About a 9 year old boy called Barry who hates his name, is fed up with his family, and wishes he has better parents.
Upon making this wish, Barry’s bedroom begins to shake and he soon finds himself in a different world, a place aptly named ‘Youngdon’, where parents don’t have children and children get to choose their parents, after giving them a test run of course!

Each day throughout the week, Barry gets to trial a different set of parents, with completely different personalities.

We really enjoyed the story, it was perfect for Bradley’s age, and he found he was very much like Barry, being of similar age to him. Apart from hating his parents of course!!! 😉
Each day bought a different adventure with different parents, the comedy flowed well throughout the book and we both had a few giggles at times.

Bradley really got into the story, asked lots of questions, predicted what he thought would happen, and explained with delight when he realised the characters in the new world were actually his friends and family from the real world. He worked this out by reading into the description of the way they looked and acted, which I thought was great and proved he was taking the story in.

I loved the hidden message behind the story, to respect and appreciate your parents! Bradley kept saying how lucky he was to have great parents, and how much he loved me, so it definitely worked on this little man!! 😉

Bradley’s review…
When we first started the book I couldn’t get into it, but when we read it every night I loved it! , I would recommend it to my friends. 😉

The Parent Agency is available to purchase now at all good book stores.

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